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JC Genetics

What is JC Genetics

JC Genetics is taking lead in addressing wellness services with the goal of making nation disease free with the help of non-invasive DNA testing process. We help you catch disease before it catches you with the advanced concept of Nutrigenomics. It comprises of Nutrition and Genomics. It is the study of the effects of genetic variations on the individual’s response to the nutrients and risks of related chronic diseases. Nutrigenomics have the potential to prevent and treat chronic diseases by understanding the present genotype, predicting the individual risks, and providing customization of nutrition therapy.

We test, understand, and counsel for your better health. Our prime purpose is to provide personalized diet and health solutions according to your genetic profile. We at JC Genetics believe in providing good health and making nation fit.

Our Plans

Gene Allergy

Genetics play a big role in the chances of developing allergic symptoms. There are many types of allergies, from seasonal allergies to severe reactions to products and foods.

Gene Fitness

Staying fit has become a top priority for many of us as it provides numerous physical, mental and health benefits. However, many people find it difficult to navigate the spectrum of exercises, routines, videos, blogs, experts and a vast varieties of equipment, supplements, products, programs etc.

Gene Diet

Check your genetic predisposition to food and nutrient requirements, intolerance and sensitivities to customize your nutritional recommendations. Learn about your carbohydrate intake, metabolism, weight gain/ loss tendency, eating tendency, protein intake and many more things.

Lucent Skin

Skin health and radiance originate deep inside and significantly influenced by your genetics. Before you invest in elaborate skin care regimens, understand your genes first. Get the benefits of anti-aging skin diets personalized for according to your genetic makeup.

Rx Remedy

Precision Medicine enables physicians in prescribing the right medicine for the patient with the precise dose. JCG interpreters check the absorption of your medicines according to your genes to reap the best health benefits.

Health horoscope

Genetics allows you to uncover risk factors of preventable diseases ahead of time and help you take preventive action to reduce the risk and lead a healthy life. Understanding your genetic profile helps you adopt the best preventive and proactive health practices that can improve your quality of life.

Gene Legacy

You are as unique as the traces of your family history or ancestors. Get a knowledge edge by understanding your ancestral geography, identity, hierarchy, genetic condition and ethnicity.


BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene status can influence your individual risk for some forms of cancer. Report details additional risk factors like the effect of breast size, breast feeding duration, chemotherapy, among others.

Methylation to MTHFR

MTHFR gene status influences many regulatory pathways. This report should be used as one of the indicators for identifying the risk of developing structural and functional genetic disorders.

How it works

Testing your DNA is very simple. No Pricks. No Blood. Just a small sample of your saliva.
Don’t wait and start discovering more about yourself.

Order Product Your Kit typically arrives within 3 to 5 days

Download Mobile App and Scan/Enter Bar Code to Activate the kit

Follow Kit Instructions to Spit in the Given Tube

Request pickup/mail it back to our authorized center

Get Reports and Discover About Yourself

Get personalized Plan and Lead A Healthy Life