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Understanding the difference between CCTV, Face Detection and Facial Recognition

CCTV can only watch or record the movement… Face Detection can only detect the object. But FACIAL RECOGNITION helps you to detect & identify an object or a person!!

If you are embarking on the journey in the research area of identification and haven’t come across the Facial Recognition System till now, then you are probably headed the wrong way.

Traditional CCTV surveillance lets you keep a virtual check on every moment caught on camera. In contrast, face detection is a smart functioning tool that helps you in detecting the face that has appeared in the captured video. It is a little confusing in here. Let us decrypt this for better understanding!

Facial Recognition or Face Detection?

Often Facial Recognition and Face Detection are used interchangeably, but both hold significant characteristics.
Face Detection is a technology which can only be used when you are searching for faces in the image or video library, without allowing you to find the person’s identity.

Facial Recognition solution that lets you identify a person through the image from the real-time video and match up with the image stored in the database. That’s the reason why it is considered a powerful tool that runs on artificial intelligence!

Top Uses of Facial Recognition in Work Places:

It is to be noted that Facial Recognition is not only used in government departments but also in retail businesses, banks and other workplaces that require personal identity for authenticating users.

* KYC is a streamlined process that is usually adopted in financial institutions like banks, payment service provider and insurance companies that allows them to abide by all the rules and regulations of anti-fraud and anti-money laundering laws, which makes it possible for the institutions to determine and acknowledge their user’s data.

* Payment verification is one of the ways that allow people to authenticate online transactions using face ID or biometric data to identify a person’s face at the time of payments.

What makes our Facial Recognition solution great?

Our Autonomous AI based Facial Recognition Technology has proven to be in demand in multiple upcoming industries and applications. No matter the industry you work in, the technology can adapt to your needs and we’ll tell you why.

The technology has an extremely quick processing. By bringing the power of Autonomous AI into the world of Facial Recognition we have created an immediate and clear technological advantage with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Our facial recognition AI exceeds the human brain’s ability to register and recognize faces. Our technology is able to overcome the most challenging conditions – from large crowds to low light environments, extreme angles, despite the ubiquitous face masks that are part of our new reality. Our technology ensures that you miss absolutely nothing!


Facial recognition has the most complex process which involves both detections and matching up of identities, this work can be made 2x times easier on people in any field to establish high levels of security and maintain authentication. As technology continues to evolve, we have been able to improve upon existing technologies and constantly come out with new ones and facial recognition technology is a prime example of that very concept.