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Leadership is the Key to a Growing and Profitable Business

Truth be told, not everyone is cut out to be a successful leader because it is just not meant for everyone and that’s completely fine. I believe that everyone in the organization is a leader and every one of us has the caliber to lead, whether we choose to lead or not. In fact, everyone is leading in their own capacities like when you make a decision when you delegate work when you respond to certain situations when you go out of the way when you add something to the conversation when you assist someone and much more. Leading does not require you to gather people and give them a long speech or pep talk and inspire them to do more in life.

First 90 days of your business : To Be or Not to Be – The Entrepreneur

Today, everyone is motivated by the waves of successful business startups, and especially younger generations want to be their own boss to gain full of glamour and wealth. The coolness of being an entrepreneur is all-time high but the fact is that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart and there are lot of risks associated with entrepreneurship journey.

Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Learning

A successful career is no less than a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs.  And being an entrepreneur, moving forward from past failure and maintaining the success can help you lead a much better and fulfilling journey. Well, Entrepreneurship requires lot of encompassing skills that other professions do not even consider like engineers’ draft project plan and then, pass the deigns to make them a reality. But for entrepreneurs, it is very different. Each and every aspect of a business is handled by entrepreneur and they have to understand everything from the role of visionary, salesperson, project managers and much more. It does not require only a degree to learn these skills and all you need is entrepreneurial aspirations.

Emerging Trends of Entrepreneurship and Readiness of Youth

The current scenario of India and promotional schemes of government has fostered the youth of India towards entrepreneurship and business startups. The youth is becoming highly ambitious for entrepreneurship and as we say that “Change is the only constant in life”, emerging trends in the realm of entrepreneurship are also leading to optimism about the growth of the country. India is a land of entrepreneurship and has over 20,000 startups and every year, 1400 startups are beginning their operations. These business startups are driving the economic growth, generating employment, leading new innovations, and introducing new solutions every day to improve the current processes.