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Financial Inclusion, now known as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, is a prestigious programme of the Government of India open to Indian citizens. It aims to expand affordable access to financial services such as financial literacy, bank accounts, remittance, insurance, credit and pensions.

It broadens the resource base of the financial system by developing a culture of savings among weaker segment of the society and plays its own role in the process of economic development. Moreover, by bringing low income groups within the perimeter of formal banking sector; financial inclusion protects their financial wealth and other resources in needful circumstances.

The project has a 3 tier implementation framework:
1.  Bank (the principal and owner of the technology and system)
2. Corporate Business Correspondence (Service Provider, Creation and
Monitoring of Network)
3. Bank Mitra (A last mile connectivity between bank and citizens, provides
financial services)

JC Pay

JC Pay is a mobile-based money transfer platform with a security feature of user’s fingerprint. An easy to use app offers the entire range of banking services. JC Pay is a one-stop solution for a wide range of services including Domestic Money Transfer, Aadhar Enabled Payment Services, Instant Money Payment Services (IMPS) Micro-ATM, Utility Bills and Value-Added Services.

Our services are for all the banks and non-bank areas in the country, which are deprived of these facilities, or have less information about the usage of mobile phones and internet.Type a message

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